I have compiled a list of the most important things that every player should know the WOW alliance, and reduced to five years. See below.
A) If you want to go solo, you get a Night Elf Hunter or Warlock.

While there is no model of a particular character that works perfectly for soloing, it’s the best there is on the side of the alliance. First, it is not really on the same level of monsters in the game that a hunter can not deal with a well damped-in-one without breaking a sweat. While Warlocks are a bit more fragile, are an excellent addition to the damage they need to survive, to write – but while you are taking more damage. Unfortunately, many animals will attack in groups if you notice one of his comrades were fighting for. (Elite creatures are particularly nasty with this)

That’s where pets come, you can use any «pet» class, their animal (or demonic) that accompanies the «crowd control», so called – basically a creature away from a group and for a time, and kill him. The vacuum Brujo Walker is particularly good at this. The search lines of the night elves in the lower levels are also very independent within the geographically isolated Teldrassil, meaning you have to run away never look at a destination and retrieve his body.

Two.) Gnomes have the best emoticons of dancing (the worst).

Trust me on this one. Just type / dance in the game while playing as a gnome will show you what I mean. Gnome is the dance of the offensive, which in Azeroth – rumor has it that the Horde offers 10 gold pieces to anyone who can really get to kill a Gnome in PvP during a dance. This makes it ideal for the gnomes of the players to upset the other players off the bench and wants a good laugh.
Three.) Everybody loves a human priest.

This class is ideal for players of that group. The racial talents help a human priest to his own struggle to maintain and not a group alive that is not very happy when a priest comes right before entering a dungeon or elite example. Want priests are also very rare in the game, there are so many players to assume roles that support social /, so it will always be in demand for their skills – and you level up quickly.

4) Do not follow the lines of inquiry of their own race!

One of the biggest misconceptions that new players have World of Warcraft is that quests are restricted by race – in other words, if you play a human being has the «man» in search of Elwynn Forest to take when it starts. Simply not true. Players can use any of the search for an appropriate level, regardless of race. For Alliance players, the level a little faster, a bit like a shortcut. Just go to the central cities of Ironforge or Stormwind as soon as you are strong enough, the exit zone (around level 5) can be seen. From there, the passage refers to Teldrassil, the homeland and the night elf missions meet. Teldrassil is very small, containing the central city of Darnassus that offers all services, and players rarely have to walk far to complete quests. They will be at level 10 or higher to find, even in no time!

5) The Alliance means more content, but more people.

For some reason, the Alliance as a whole races (Night Elves, humans, dwarves and gnomes) for the players. Often this can mean severe crowding in popular regions, which we like a «mass extinction». This essentially means that some missions in the area, the player to kill a particular animal requires, it may be difficult for these animals for a while to find -. and you can buy other players waiting to go out there to duplicate the good news is that the Alliance has much more content-based search for the Horde. Although this is not perceptible to previous levels, many Horde players often are forced to short missions around level 25-30 and in all creatures «farm» random for the experience.