What We Do


We unite the community in support of excellence in public education.

  • We work to inform individuals, businesses, and organizations about the key role quality public education plays in a strong and growing community.
  • We promote volunteerism and organize volunteers for local public schools.
  • We work to further business support of public education.
  • We help to build strong relationships between public schools and different facets of the community.


We keep the community informed about educational developments.

  • We attend local school board meetings and stay abreast of educational issues on a state level.
  • We offer seminars for the public on topics and issues related to the quest for quality public schools.
  • We hold unbiased, nonpartisan candidate forums and debates for elections and referenda relevant to public education so that voters can make informed decisions.
  • We publish a newsletter to ensure that residents are aware of educational issues in the city and the state.


We advocate on a local and state level for superior public schools.

  • We build relationships with stakeholders in the government and nonprofit sector to ensure that quality public education remains a priority.
  • We take positions on non-partisan issues related to public education.
  • We promote sound, research-based educational policy in our state and community.


The Coeur d’Alene Education Partnership is an independent, nonprofit partnership driven by the belief that every student in our district deserves a public education of the highest quality. We work to unite individuals, businesses, and organizations in support of excellence in public education, to keep the community informed about educational developments, and to advocate on a local and state level for superior public schools.

Core Values

Excellence. We are driven by the core belief that every student in the Coeur d’Alene School District deserves a public education of the highest quality.

Economic Interdependence. We recognize the compelling connection between exemplary public schools and a strong local economy. A vibrant local school system will allow Coeur d’Alene to attract and maintain quality jobs, local business, and talent by enhancing quality of life for all in the community.

Collaboration. We believe that the highest quality education will be achieved for our students when all parties in our community—parents, educators, local and state government, businesses, nonprofits, community members, and others—work together toward this goal. We seek to find common ground and shared values whenever possible.

Dialogue. We believe in the value of open and vigorous public dialogue over key decisions affecting public education in our district and state, and we strive to ensure that the community is well informed about the issues, challenges, and choices that our state and our district face.

Research-Based. We believe in utilizing solid research from high-quality, verifiable sources to shape and inform ideas about how to best achieve an excellent and well-rounded education for our district’s students.

Student-Focused. At a foundational level, we strive to represent the students. We endeavor to support educators in the quest for inspired, child-centered teaching that develops the whole child as a lifelong learner and productive citizen.

Autonomy. Our objectives are driven solely by the goal of providing an excellent public education to all students in the Coeur d’Alene School District. We work in conjunction with other groups and individuals when possible, but are not aligned with any one entity or constituency group.

Our Partners

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